About Us

Founded in 2018, Crate Me Search is keen on providing quality and result oriented solutions for all individuals in the fashion line.

Crate Me Search is like an aperture to walk on, amongst all your hurdles lined up, to reach and fulfill your dreams of expanding your business and increasing selling reach.

  • Launch your business
  • Upload products & product description
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Start getting inquiries.
  • Start selling
  • Make profits

Our vision is to Building Brands & Brings Broader User Visibility!

We have built this platform – Crate Me Search for all business categories. Here, individuals can register with us, get their profile listed and start getting marketed for either FREE or MINIMAL COST or at CUSTOMIZED COST.

Are you wondering how we do it? Check out details in our services!

Crate Me Search in nutshell for your Success!

  • Register on Crate Me Search for awesome marketing.
  • Expanded reach to your end customers.
  • Display your work online.
  • Increase awareness for your brand name.
  • Create awareness about you as a fashion stylist.
  • Platform to launch your own label.
  • Your budget & our best marketing strategies.

Members Who Made It Possible!
Parthavi Joshi

Members that has made possible to bring Crate Me Search into existence!

Parthvi Joshi - Crate Me Search

Entrepreneurial mindset compelled to start her own venture cater best quality solutions. Loves tea, loves to write & dream to travel countries before turning 35!