Fashion & Apparel Changing Direction to Organic Clothing Market

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Fashion & Apparel Changing Direction to Organic Clothing Market

Fashion & Apparel Changing Direction to Organic Clothing Market

Outgrown Popularity of Organic Clothing

Since Anita Dongre’s Label (formerly known with AND brand), launched label with Grassroot, in 2007, demand and popularity of organic clothing has outgrown. Organic clothing demand in kids wears has increased and has been gaining quite a dramatic traction not only amongst consumers but also with the key player of fashion market.

Though massive awareness amongst people in INDIA about organic clothing is yet lacking, although fashion adaptive cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore have accepted the concept quite well.

It is not just affluent class but for all those who understands and have awareness about the importance of sustainability. Few apparel brands have initiated by taking up responsibility of keeping earth green and chose to undergo manufacturing fabric that are organic or eco- friendly. Fashion is no longer just a trend. It has added over the sustainable choices in fashion & apparel trend.

Benefits of Organic Clothing

  • An organic material like cotton is better than conventional material.
  • It reduces the negative impact on environment. The organic clothing movement is good for soil fertility as it uses less water too.
  • The major benefit of any organic material is that, there is no use of insecticides, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.
  • Organic clothes are softer, eco- friendly & skin friendly then conventional clothes.
  • Organic cotton apparel reduces the impact on respiratory issues.
  • It has pleasant clothing smell too.
  • It’s a plethora of advantages on social and environmental aspect.
  • Organic clothing safety standards are quite rigid & stricter.
  • Stricter organic apparel & textile manufacturing process leads to reduce negative impact on the environment.
  • This ultimately leads to increase, uplifts and ensures consumer value.
  • For promoting high ethical standards, various trades take place like Better Cotton Initiative, Fairtrade Cotton and various other global movements.
  • As it grows naturally, it is quite cheaper as grown with natural cotton seeds.
  • Genetically modified seeds are quite expensive.
  • Chemically allergic people find a relief in organic clothing.
  • Organic cotton clothing being chemical free is quite safe of all people and specifically great for kids.
  • Even people with no skin allergies feel comfortable and great with this clothing.
  • Reduced use of conventional clothes leads to reduced medical bills.
  • Due to less exposure towards allergens and dermatological issues, it has been found and concluded that organic clothing is safe.
  • One who is aware about its benefits helps preserve the environment. Organic cotton clothing patronage has become constant reminders.

Challenges in Organic Clothing Market

The concept of organic cloth manufacturing is yet to be accepted by people in INDIA.
Western world has easily adapted the concept.
Vital business challenge is that there is lack of effective distribution, marketing and sales network.
Its availability is less and scars so the prices of the product tends to increase.
Due to lack of marketing, promoting and lack of creating its awareness, there is less demand of the same.


Though organic clothing concept is yet to gain high popularity in various geographical areas, various key players like koonik, Urrvi, Awerganic and many others have shown the confidence that the concept will catch fire soon.

The concept needs marketing and there are numerous small and big designers who manufacture organic fabric, design organic clothes and sell them. All we need is to promote and market the concept, designers and manufacturers. Through marketing and promoting, more people will be aware about it.

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