Handbags women must have in her Closet

Handbags women must have in her Closet

Festive & fall season is right here and the real time to shop some really interesting, cool and fashionably classy stuff. Along with stylized clothes, fashion accessories, classy shoes or boots and also along with buying all beautiful stuff for home décor, it becomes essential to buy a trendy classy handbag. This would be cherry on the cake that makes your closet look complete.

There are latest designer and stylish handbags that have made a mark in upgrading the styling concept of your look and closet. Let’s take a look at it.

Box Handbags

  • Box bags are really cool concept designs for handbags for women.
  • These structure bags inflate your look and style by giving a perfection and classy touch that goes with all your fashion outfits, accessories and look.
  • There are beautiful designs available like leather handbags, animal print box bags, snakeskin print design and more.

The Furry Stylish Handbag for Woman

  • The furry bag is another stylized bag that adds to an awesome look and style this winter for your wardrobe.
  • It comes with different shades, colors and is affordable.
  • It also has styles in sling, shoulder bags, clutch, ankle bags and more.

Handle (Ankle) Bag

  • These minimalist handle bags are too handy and trendy this festive season.
  • To elevate your classy look, these small stylish handbags go well with all your look, style, fashion and taste.
  • It comes with varied material including leather which looks super classy.
  • Combined with snake print, animal print along with square structure bags looks amazing.
  • Upraise and lift your style with classy and super hot handle bag.

Minaudiere Bag

  • Decorative piece of Art with hard body is the specialty of this amazing minaudiere bag.
  • They are studded with crystals, stones or beads.
  • These classy bags are great style statement for varied occasions as fashion accessories.
  • These designer stylish handbags perfect the look cocktail party.

Mini Cross Body Sling Bag

  • Amazing shoulder slings keeps your hands free and also uplifts your cool look.
  • Miniature purses are always great for all occasions and situations.
  • This mini cross body sling handbag or purses looks stunning and goes with almost all outfits.
  • Variants are also available like leather cross-body bags, bucket sling bags, velvet shoulder slings and more.

Casual Bags

  • Casual bags are great for whole day work. It’s easy to carry on for rough and tough day.
  • These are probably the most utilized sturdy bags with versatile zippers and pockets.
  • Leather bags looks cool and also lot of other variants are available to choose from.
  • These bags carry loads of heavy books or laptop, clothing and many items.

 Handbag Market Globally

  • Revenue in hand-bags market and fashion accessories segment figures up-to US $79,122millions in 2018.
  • There is a growth expectancy annually in the segment of 11.5% from 2018 till 2022 which may result in inflated market volume of US $122,118 million by 2022.
  • Analysis shows increased user penetration to hit 25.4% by 2022.
  • Globally, China has been major revenue contributor of US $ 37,571 million in 2018.

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